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IF you close your eyes, you might be fooled into thinking that the lush, driving sound of Bruce Andrews and the No Street Band™ comes from a typical four- or five-piece rock band – or maybe even an 8-piece R&B horn act

Surprise:  there is only ONE MUSICIAN up there!  All the rest is pre-recorded -- Bruce plays many different instruments -- and played back by computer on stage.


B R U C E   A N D R E W S
Lead and Background Vocals
MIDI Programming

Currently living in Ashby, MA, Bruce originally hails from Western NY, and has been playing in bands for decades, starting as a lead singer at the early age of ten.  He has played and performed almost every kind of popular music including classic and new rock, pop/Top 40, R&B, country, gospel, progressive-rock, jazz/fusion, and acoustic pop.

Bruce's history of working with brass-focused bands can be seen in the tight horn arrangements of The No Street Band.

Bruce also works with a duo called The Ashboys.

Bruce's many past projects include:
  • Vehicle
  • The Alan Stone Project
  • Don't Tell James!
  • Thin Ice
  • Bad Habit
  • Moondance
  • The HornZone
  • Lazy Eight
  • Stranger
  • Circus
  • Tunestone
  • The Perpetrators
  • Blue Steel

Bruce occasionally works with other local acts as a fill-in keyboard player and vocalist.



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